KLEVA Flavour Fork

KLEVA Flavour Fork
KLEVA Flavour Fork

KLEVA Flavour Fork


erfectly Cook Your Meat Till Its Tender & Juicy EVERY TIME!

Cooking meat is an art that takes time to perfect. If it's undercooked, you run the risk of getting sick, and when overcooked, you're left with a juiceless dry steak that's flavourless and sad. 

To cook your meat to perfection, whether medium-rare or well-done, you need precise temperature and times, achieved through focused concentration.

The Kleva Flavour Fork™ makes the art of cooking meat a straightforward process without any need to concentrate. Simply chuck your desired meat on the grill, choose your tenderness, and cook to perfection every time, using an audible alarm to know when your meat is complete. 


  • Never Overcook or Undercook: thanks to the audible alarm
  • Select Meat Type & Tenderness: using Digital Display
  • Set & Forget: with an automatic timer
  • Avoid Burning Hands: with long sized forks
  • Accurate Temperature Reading: using stainless steel fork probe
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