Thermal Paste, (1.5g/ea) Thermal Paste,  (1.5g/ea) Thermal Paste,  (1.5g/ea) Thermal Paste, (1.5g/ea)

SKU SILV5-THERMAL-PASTE Thermal Paste, (1.5g), Metal Oxide Heat Sink Compound, CPU Paste - 3.07W/m∙K - 30°C to 180°C Operating Temperature - Silicone, Carbon Compound, Metal Oxide Compound

This Pack of thermal paste works with a heat sink to improve heat dissipation from integrated circuits (ICs), like CPUs, GPUs and other computer chips. The thermal paste features CE and RoHS certifications so you can rest assured it's safe for its intended use.

High-Performance Thermal Paste

The thermal paste, also known as silver grease, is a metal based (metal oxide) compound that contains 50% silicone, 30% carbon and 20% metal oxide to offer better thermal conductivity than standard heat transfer pastes with negligible electrical conductivity. The thermal paste/glue is suitable for operation in temperatures of -22°F to 365°F (-30°C to 180°C) with thermal conductivity of 3.07 W/m-K at 25 °C or greater. This performance makes the compound ideal for servicing & maintaining workstations, desktop computers and servers.

Conveniently Sized 1.5g Tubes

The tube contains 1.5g of paste, sufficient for 4 to 6 applications. Each unit is packaged in a syringe for easy application, that's re-sealable to prevent the product from drying between use. 

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